We are a growing network

Led by the UK environmental sector and Cranfield University we have assembled UK’s leaders in landfill management, engineering and development to focus on making landfill mining a reality in the UK. Bringing together leaders in the land management and environmental sector, the Enhanced Landfill Mining Network held its first meeting, virtually, in June and has identified a core strategy and approach of how the safely mine a landfill in the UK. The next steps will see engagement across UK Government, the Environment Agency and Health and Safety Executive to unlock the core barriers to successful delivery in the coming months.

The aim of the network is to develop an active and engaged community through which a multidisciplinary vision and research agenda associated with enhanced landfill mining will be developed. The UK ELFM network will lead the UK’s innovation and accelerate knowledge transfer across the sector.

We have identified a number of areas in which the Network will require engagement with Government and the regulators to discuss the strategic drivers for landfill mining with a view to enhancing the availability of brownfield sites in suitable locations for housing and infrastructure development. We will develop a roadmap in 2021 to help us deliver the first pilot project

Through collaboration with our industry members we will work to secure funding to help us deliver the first pilot projects.